Showbiz is Murder                                          Detective                                    Caught in the Act
Murder in the Magnolias                               Pete Bogg                          Mequon Theatre Group
On Golden Pond                                              Bill Ray                                       Brookfield Players
Stand‑up Comedy                                           Emcee                           Funny Firm/Comedy Cafe
Midwest Talent Competition                        Emcee                                         Milwaukee County
Graduation Show                                            Variety             Player’s Workshop of Second City


The Audition Studio
Players Workshop of the Second City Improv Classes‑Basic/Advanced
Comedy Workshops Funny Firm, Cardinal Stritch College, Comedy Sportz
Private On‑Camera Coaching‑Kelly Studio/Sunshine Studios/Peter Reeves/Rex Creekmur
UW-Milwaukee Theatre School Ltd. Acting, Movement and Speech
John Casablanca: Runway/print/commercial‑Community Theatre
Broadcast Services Institute-Gateway College: Speech, Radio Broadcasting

Special Skills

Ear Prompter, Teleprompter, Motorcycle Rider, Singing, Guitar, Gymnastics, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Pool, Juggling, Product Presentations, Sales Training, Disc Jockey, Motivational speaker…
Height 5-7″:   Hair-Brown/Gray:   Weight 170:   Eyes-Blue:  Suit-40r