To The Actor

Yes, I am this smart!

I know you stopped by the site because you were looking for someone talented, energetic, fun, talented, enthusiastic talen…stop me anytime, for your next project.
Good news for you, I am all of those things, did I mention talented?  I am actor, comedian, screenwriter, guitar player, standup comedian, VO, emcee, model… heck I don’t know anything I CAN’T DO!  
Roll over the nav-bar above to see my resume and check out my work.  If it’s not enough, or you are not thoroughly impressed, (like that could happen…) call me and I will send a wheel barrow full of stuff!


Check out these videos!

Eagle Man – Second City

Motor City Sales Demo – It’s just WD-40

Burt Reynolds & Jack In Basic Football – 1

Burt Reynolds & Jack In Basic Football – 2