Time Served                                                    Supporting                            Time Served Productions
Wisconsin Death Trip                                   Featured                               HBO/BBC Co-Production
587 The Great Train Robbery                    Supporting                                            VMS Productions
The Kick Inside                                               Supporting                                 Say Uncle Productions
Coven                                                                Co-star                                       Northwest Productions
The Comic                                                        Supporting                                                          Studio 22


Unusual Suspects                                                Featured       LMNO Prod/Investigation Discovery
Real Stories of the Highway Patrol                Lead                                                       Fox Television
Unsolved Mysteries                                             Lead                            Cosgrove/Meuer Productions
Junkyard Mega Wars-Sand Buggies               Participant            Discovery/TLC RP Productions
Junkyard Mega Wars-Artillery                       Participant            Discovery/TLC RP Productions


Basic Football w/Burt Reynolds                     Co-star                        Basic Football Productions

OVER 300: Print and On-Camera: Commercial, Industrial, Point of Purchase, National, Regional and Local available upon request.

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