Based on a true story
     When HEATHER, a stunning thirty-two-year-old executive secretary, agreed to marry GEORGE, she knew what was in front of her for the rest of her life.  A ruggedly handsome, divorced, forty-seven-year-old, who owns a successful, but very dangerous business.
     July 25 started like any other.  Over breakfast Heather and George were trying to make a few decisions on their upcoming wedding.  But that escalated into an argument.  Nothing major but even though they say never go to bed mad at your spouse, you should never go to work mad at them either.  When Heather walked out, she heard George say, “I love you.”  She yelled back, “Tell someone who cares,” slammed the door and went off to work.
     Then, as if guided by some indescribable force, George on his way to work and Heather on her way to work, both stopped at flower shops.  Both bought roses for the other.
     George would never get to see those roses.  At 11:15 am, while working 14 feet underground, he is swallowed in an explosion that rocks the ground and sends a plume of fire and smoke into the sky.  “On July 25th, George should have died.”  As luck would have it, a young man passing by, taking a day off work, helps pull George’s unrecognizable body from the depths of that fiery hell. 
     Now George spends three months in a drug induced coma and six months in that hospital bed clinging to life.  During that time, Heather’s days are filled with nonstop legal issues from the business, family tensions between her and George’s adult children and questions about the future.  Like the wife of a firefighter or cop who dread that phone call she thinks maybe it was an omen and this relationship wasn’t meant to be.  And who could blame her for walking out now?  She fights her internal demons of fear, doubt, remorse and the guilt of knowing that the last time she saw George she told him she didn’t care. 
     So where will God take her?  Can a woman so beautiful she could be a Fredrick’s of Hollywood model, so full of life she is ready to travel the world, stay by the side of a now handicapped man, 15 years her senior? 
     LEARNING to LOVE is a survival story, but more importantly, it is a love story.  And proof that love is stronger than the body that holds it.

Can her love survive the fires of hell?  Could yours?