Motor City Sales

Mr. Joe Book and Ms. Blair Weldy learn the hard way that work, money and success can really put a strain on a family.  And family can really put a strain on work, money and success.
       JOE BOOK, owner of Motor City Sales, has two diametrically opposed goals in life.  One makes you want to cry and the other makes you shake your head.  Joe wants to get his divorce finalized without losing the love, respect or custody of his two kids.  The other is to run his own race car team, become a playa’ and party with the beautiful people.  How long Joe can hang on to those dreams is anyone’s guess because there is one small problem… business stinks.
     Enter, BLAIR WELDY.  Sent in from the bank to right the ship or shut it down, she is a one-woman wrecking crew.  She’s a financial genius and a fast track 21st century woman with a sharp wit, a killer personality and a smart phone that never leaves her hand.
       For Joe and his staff of misfit employees who would make the strongest businessman cringe, turning business around is not going to be difficult… it’s going to be impossible as their workplace makeover is now affectionately referred to as the Blair Witch Project.
       With Joe’s ex-wife sucking the life out of him, the economy sucking the money out of him and business just… sucking, the journey begins.
         And as Blair leads the charge, a typical day at the dealership is never typical .
So, lets put you and your staff behind the wheel and in the showrunner driver’s seat today!

click here to experience – Motor City Sales – It’s only WD-40 (trt:8:16)

The creator of “Trust Me – Motor City Sales” 
Has spent 30 years in the car business.
Has been an actor for 35 years.
Has been a screenwriter for over 20 years.