DAMIAN ROGAN, a rookie cop with the LAPD is found drunk and bleeding on the lawn of the mansion he shares with his wife SHALINE, a superstar actress.  Damian claims he was fighting off a rapist in Shaline’s room and was thrown out the window.

With no proof as to what actually happened, Damian’s Lieutenant does an obligatory investigation, and then buries the case to save Damian’s future and Shaline’s career.  A career that may be cut short, when Shaline is diagnosed with leukemia.

Damian however holds himself and his drinking responsible.  So he quits the force, and turns his addiction into obsession as he tries to find the man he believes raped her.

After a month of no leads, no clues and no hope, Damian has resigned himself to the fact that he is just a piece of shit drunk who imagined it all.  But tonight, at the opening of Shaline’s blockbuster movie, an overzealous fan, BERNIE JACKS, gets Damian’s attention.

With a renewed sense of conviction, Damian takes matters into his own hands.  But before he can turn up the heat, Bernie and a young punk, CHUCK, along with VIC, a womanizing pig, follow Shaline’s limo to her brother LENNY’S home.  There, in a freak car accident, the threesome send Lenny to the hospital.

Unaware that Lenny clings to life, Damian starts his night of terror with Chuck.  Tailing him to his house where he threatens Chuck with both his police connections and his own implied justice.

Chuck is so rattled by Damian’s threats and knowing he’s partially guilty of nearly killing Lenny, he considers suicide.

And Damian is just getting started.  He tracks down Vic and is ready to put some pressure on him… but things turn deadly when Vic, confronted by Damian on a busy LA Street is hit by a speeding SUV.  As Vic lies dying in the road, Damian second guesses himself and believes he may have gone too far – until he learns that Lenny, who was recently found to be a donor match for Shaline, has died.

Figuring Bernie is the mastermind behind this deadly game, Damian goes to Bernie’s house and busts in to confront him.  But Bernie gets the jump on Damian and beats the shit out of him.  When Damian wakes up alone, bloodied and beaten, he staggers through the house getting more agitated with every step.  Because the house is a sick and perverted shrine to Shaline.  Nude pictures, posters and dozens of personal items stolen from her house.

Convinced it was Bernie he fought that night in his wife’s bedroom, the chase is on.  With Damian on a Police Motorcycle and Bernie behind the wheel of a stolen limousine the two men race through the streets of Los Angeles.  When the chase ends in a fiery crash, Damian grabs Bernie’s beaten and bloody body.  With a gun to Bernie’s head as he lies in the middle of the street, Damian learns killing him is not that simple when Bernie lays down the motivation for his antics.

Ravaged with the burning question as to whether or not Bernie’s story was true, Damian confronts Shaline.  Shaline proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the problem was all in Bernie’s sick mind.  In the end, a final twist of fate reveals the unlikeliest of hero’s saving Shaline’s life from the clutches of her deadly disease.