DAMIAN ROGAN, a  cop with the LAPD is found drunk and bleeding on the lawn of the mansion he shares with his wife SHALINE, a superstar actress.  Damian claims he was fighting off a rapist in Shaline’s room and was thrown out the window.

With no proof as to what actually happened, Damian’s Lieutenant does an obligatory investigation, and then buries the case to save Damian’s reputation and Shaline’s career.  A career that may be cut short when Shaline is diagnosed with leukemia.

Damian however holds himself and his heavy drinking responsible.  Damian quits the force and the bottle to come to grips with his demons.

Two months later at the opening of Shaline’s blockbuster movie, a man who claims to be paparazzi, BERNIE JACKS, shows a side of himself that Damian thinks might hold the key to that fateful night.   So Damian decides to take matters into his own hands and turn the stalkers into the stalked.

But before Damian begins, Bernie and two of his cronies, CHUCK, the up and comer and VIC, a tough and seasoned shooter himself, tail Shaline’s limo to her brother LENNY’S home.  There, in a freak accident with their Audi, the renegade photographers send Lenny to the hospital.

Over the next 12 hours, Damian begins his ruthless cat and mouse game of shooting the shooters, following them and taunting them through the streets of LA… unaware that Lenny clings to life.  Chuck tormented both by the guilt of being a part of Lenny’s accident and Damian’s incessant hounding, vows to quit the photo business.  The game turns unexpectedly deadly when Vic, who tries to lose Damian on the busy LA streets is involved in a horrific crash himself.  As Vic lies dying in the road, Damian second guesses himself and believes he may have gone too far-until he learns that Lenny, who was recently found to be a donor match for Shaline, has died.

Damian goes to Bernie’s house and busts in to confront him.  But Bernie, lays in wait, gun in hand and forces Damian to listen to his reasons for stalking Shaline.  Bernie then beats the shit out of Damian and splits.  When Damian comes too, he cases the house to see it’s a sick and perverted shrine to Shaline.  Pictures, posters and dozens of items from her house cover the walls.

As the sun rises over LA, Damian, with proof he needs in hand, corners Bernie for a final showdown on the streets of Los Angeles.  But it’s not that easy when Bernie lays down the motivation for his antics.

Ravaged with the burning question as to whether or not Bernie’s story is true, Damian confronts Shaline and in the end, a final twist of fate reveals the unlikeliest of hero’s.