Twenty years ago, the US Government began funding a project to develop a soldier that could predict what the enemy might do in certain situations.  The military paid more than 200 million dollars to the world’s biggest online gaming company, GAMELOGIC, to design the software under the guise of a harmless video game, implanted in a young girl… code name-NIKKI BLACK.

Now that the experiment looks like it may pay off, the trouble has just begun.

Nikki’s father Steve, a gaming engineer who became an unwitting accomplice designed the technology while working for GAMELOGIC.  But now that Nikki and Steve know the truth, they want no part of it!  But walking away from the greed of the corporate world and the commitment of the US military is not going to be easy, it’s going to be impossible.

Armed with only her burning desire, her father’s hi-tech skills and a hot shot ex-cop named Jack Strong, the threesome will have to be stronger, think smarter and run faster to stay ahead of the US Military, who wants their property back and will stop at nothing to get it!  But that’s not the half of it.  While the cat and mouse game between Nikki and the government rages on, the greedy, corrupt president of GAMELOGIC has plans to double cross the US military and sell the technology to any radical government or militant army willing to pay.


Thrown into the world of video games, Internet power, social media, viral communications, corruption and greed, there will be no rest… for anyone…  EVER!