Judd Delong’s dreams of being a musician have always taken a backseat to his domineering father’s wishes – as a basketball  coach in the basketball town of Tomorrow, Steve Delong is a god among men, to everyone except Judd, who turns to drugs and alcohol to cope.  When he finally gets up and stands up to his old man during a fishing trip at the family cottage near the Tomorrow River, the ensuing fight lands Judd in the hospital and Steve stammering to make up excuses.

Unable to wake, Judd is plagued by visions of the future, and of murder.  He’s horrified to see a twenty-four-year-old version of himself crashing his SUV into the river, revealing the corpse of Steve’s murdered assistant and mistress, Janice, and a murderous presence pushes him under once more into unconsciousness.  As Judd lies in a coma within his coma, the police wait for him to wake in order to question him about this murder, far into the future.

Meanwhile, the twenty-four-year-old version of Judd, unaware of the visions and the comatose state, finds himself stuck in the family cottage, endlessly repairing things that quickly un-repair themselves, and facing visions of Janice and his unseen would-be murderer, whom Judd is soon convinced must be Steve.  As the visions escalate, so does Judd’s conviction that his father is a killer, as he sees Steve murder a neighbor, followed by Judd’s brother Carter, who threatens to expose his affair with Janice.

In desperation as the ghosts of the victims haunt him, and the shadowy past rises up to torment him, Judd’s desire for justice conjures up an angelic presence that allows him to communicate with someone else who seeks the same – Det. Jack McCann, Janice’s brother.  Unfortunately, to counterbalance Judd’s force for good, Satan takes an interest, using Judd’s conscience against himself, pushing him toward damnation.

As he wrestles with good and evil, Judd pushes McCann toward the truth, and the evidence mounts against Steve, who convinces Judd’s doting mother Jennifer to take their son off life support.  Judd wakes just in time and shares his visions with the detective.  Cornered, Steve confronts them all at gunpoint, and a fight ensues.  Steve kills McCann, but Jennifer takes him out with the detective’s fallen weapon.

Suddenly, Jennifer, Steve, and an eighteen-year-old Judd are at the cottage, just after the initial accident.  Judd is convinced his dreams are the real future – his father must be stopped.  Jennifer pleads with her son not to kill Steve, and Judd wonders if he might be insane, and considers whether suicide might be the only answer.  As the dilemma rages in his head, we…FADE OUT.



Hell doesn’t forgive or forget… it gets even.