JUDD DELONG is a man in his early 20’s who, as a gift to his mother JENNIFER, is remodeling his family’s big old unused cottage on a desolate stretch of Tomorrow River.  The house has the feel of a forgotten time where spiders, vermin and stench are the only inhabitants.
     Judd is a good man, although like many, his teenage years included experimentation with drugs and alcohol.  A flaw his domineering father STEVE could never get over and Judd has the scars, physical and mental that never let him forget the beatings.  Today Judd runs a pretty straight line with just the occasional lost weekend at the hands of his drink of choice, Jack Daniels.
     Our story begins when Judd Delong and father Steve get in a fight that ends with Judd suffering a terrible head injury.  While comatose, Judd sees what he believes is his own future.  In it he sees Steve kill his mistress Janice Sexton in an act of autoerotica gone horribly wrong.  With Janice dead, Judd sees Steve force him into crashing his SUV into Tomorrow River and throw Janice’s lifeless body in behind it.  But when he sees Judd is not dead Steve does the unthinkable.  He drowns his own son!
     When police pull Judd’s SUV from the river they find Janice dead and Judd alive, barely.  As Steve hoped, the police think Judd killed Janice but if he lives, Judd will expose the truth.  Now hospitalized, comatose inside of a coma, Judd sees the crimes his father will commit including Steve’s plan to pull the plug on his life support system. 
     As the nightmare becomes more real, more memories surface and he can’t separate them from reality or the future.  They drive so deep into his mind that he’s convinced he’s going insane.
     Unable to defend himself in the material world, Judd relies on the only thing any of us can count on, our desire to do the right thing.  With that burning drive he creates a supernatural ectoplasmic cloud through which he can communicate with the one person who may be able to free him.  Detective Jack McCann, Janice’s own brother.   But now Judd’s suppressed memories surface, heaven and hell collide when the ectoplasmic cloud becomes a vision of Good versus Evil and begin to rip Judd’s mind apart.
     As Judd regains consciousness from his head injury he is convinced he must kill either his father or himself to save the lives of both Janice and Detective McCann.
Hell doesn’t forgive or forget… it gets even. 

Like the jaw dropping, mind bender, “Inception,” this fast paced horror thriller finishes off with a twist ending you’ll never see coming.