Growing up, Judd Delong always wanted to be a musician.  But in the town of Tomorrow, high school basketball rules.  And Steve Delong is not only his domineering, father; he’s also the basketball coach.  And that suffocating truth took Judd down a rebellious path of drugs and alcohol fueled by peer pressure, his disdain for his father and his undying love for his mother, Jennifer.

The family routine was weekends spent at their large, but rundown cottage near Tomorrow River.  This particular morning he and Steve once again went out to fish.  A process Judd loathed but did to avoid Steve’s wrath.  Every trip was the same.   Judd stared at his phone while Steve lectured him on the wasted future in music and why couldn’t he be more like his younger brother, Carter.

But this time, Judd stood up to his old man, the discussion escalated Steve snapped and Judd ended up unconscious in the hospital.

Now, while he clings to life in a hospital bed Judd sees what he believes is his own future.  And that’s when the murders begin…  He sees himself at 24 years old, crash his SUV into that same river.  As the truck sinks, a woman’s lifeless body bobs nearby.  The woman is Steve’s assistant and mistress, Janice.

Struggling to reach the shore, Judd sees a man towering over him.  But the man doesn’t help.  He pushes Judd under.  Judd thrashes and gasps but succumbs to the man’s murderous pressure.

When police pull the dead woman from the river they find Judd alive, but comatose.  Convinced Judd killed Janice they will have to wait for him to come out of the coma to arrest him for a murder that has not happened yet.

Unaware he is comatose inside of his unconsciousness, Judd at 24, has given up his dream of music and turned his ambitions to remodeling that now terribly run down cottage.  But when the work he does never changes, Judd’s sees not only visions of Janice floating in the river but every room of the cottage opens his eyes to other crimes committed by the man who tried to drown him.  As Judd’s the visions become more real, he’s convinced that man is Steve.

He sees Steve kill not only their neighbor, Louie, but when Carter threatens to expose his affair with Janice, Steve kills him the same way he tried to kill Judd.  By drowning him in Tomorrow River.

As the body toll mounts the ghosts of the dead throughout the cottage haunt him.  Unable to defend himself in the real world, Judd relies on the only thing anyone can count on, our burning desire to do the right thing. That drive creates an angel of supernatural force through which he can communicate with the one person also driven to find the truth – Detective Jack McCann, Janice’s brother.

But along with the Angel of good is the power of Satan himself.  And Satan uses Judd’s own guilty conscience to steer his soul into eternal damnation.

Through the supernatural force Judd created, the bond between he and Detective McCann grows as McCann gets closer to the truth.  And as the evidence mounts and the facts squeeze Steve’s excuses like a vice, Steve convinces Jennifer that taking Judd off life support will end his suffering.  But as they are about to flip the switch, Judd comes out of the coma.

When he does, he tells McCann his visions.  Steve grabs McCann’s gun and threatens to kill them all!  But McCann spots an opening and lunges at Steve and the gun slides across the floor!   Steve grabs a scalpel and stabs McCann’s jugular, dropping him in a bloody heap!  Jennifer lifts the gun and shoots Steve!

When we see Judd, Jennifer and Steve again, they are in the cottage.  Judd now 18 years old, his head bandaged, Steve’s shirt covered in his son’s blood.

But as they sit in somber silence inside the run-down cottage, Judd is convinced that his dreams were the real future and the only way he can stop Steve is by killing him.  But as Jennifer pleads with him not to do it, Judd thinks he might just be insane… and the only way out is to kill himself.


Hell doesn’t forgive or forget… it gets even.