The Trouble With Freddie & Ted

Beam me up Scottie!  Who hasn’t uttered those immortal words?  Fantasy?  Maybe not.  Scientists concur that through the power of quantum computing, it’s not theory, but verifiable fact.  CHICK THOMAS is one of those. 
Chick is not your typical scientist.  He is a 15-year-old computer whiz who two years earlier lost his dad in an automobile accident because Chick believed the EMT’s couldn’t get him to the hospital fast enough. 
From that moment, Chick dreamt of how teleportation could prevent that from happening to someone else.  But his dream of teleportation is still just that—a dream. 
Recruited by leading Universities around the world, Chick enrolls at a college that not only has an unbelievable science department but is close to his mom, SALLY and his two-year old brother, FREDDIE.  But all is not as it seems.  It turns out the head of the science department, EUGENE BALTER, got his position handed to him through an association with an unsavory hood named, VALENTI. 
With free reign of the colleges’ lab, Chick, along with his assistant, SHENA, make a breakthrough!  First, his Quantum Computer, nicknamed, “Teddy,” after his father, spews out blinding computations cracking security codes and rendering every password on the planet virtually useless. Which to a guy like Valenti, is akin to hitting the lottery and demands Balter get him in on the deal!  But that’s not the half of it.  The next test really shakes things up, literally.  The Teddy teleports a test cork across the room!  Okay, the cork is inside out, fifty times its original size and shatters equipment throughout the lab, but still…!
Then before Chick can perfect the technology, Balter pulls the super secret, chris-cross-double-cross, whatever that is, and brings in another lowlife, DONNY MAMASCO.  Donny, a 450 pound buffoon of a mobster puts down his Cheese, Sausage, Twinkie and Ding-Dong topped pizza just long enough to kidnap Freddie.  Then Donny lays down the ultimatum, “Perfect teleportation in eight hours or you’ll never see your brother again and I become a first time daddy.”
With little hope, no other choice and two of Donny’s FAT-BOY HENCHMEN guarding the lab, Chick and SHENA work frantically on the machine.  Failure after failure until it finally just blows up!  Beaten and battered, Chick is ready to give up when his mother tells him a story about his dads death.  With that, Chick uses what’s left of his half-baked computer to come up with a fully-baked rescue plan to get his brother back.   
Easier said than done!  Unbeknownst to Chick, the FBI has been watching both Donny AND Valenti and are ready to spring a trap of their own.
Chick escapes the lab, takes to the streets and the chase is on!  Racing through town and being chased by Donny himself in his limousine, Chick takes a shortcut through the local carnival!  With the help of cotton candy, a popcorn wagon and a face to face to face run-in with the two-headed man, Chick presses on!  In a final battle of wits, disguises and of course pizza on Donny’s Mega-Yacht, Chick trumps the FBI, outwits the baddies and makes Valenti, Donny and their men pay for their greed.