Who am I… and why should you care?  Great questions.  Below is the answer to your, “who am I?” question.  Riveting information for sure.  But more importantly and I hope the reason you are visiting this site is to answer the second question:  “Why should you care?  Television and Screenwriting and making Movie’s is a collaborative effort and only by meeting people, doing your homework and reaching out will we ever find people to collaborate with.. and then, the sky is the limit.
A little about me:
    As much as the car business has been my life for a long time my passion is an as an actor.  A talent honed in the car business.  “We’re always acting.  We’re always ‘ON’ as they say at Disney.  Whenever we are with a customer we must put on a happy face.  And as salespeople, we talk to 60-year-old man, differently then we talk to a 21-year-old single woman, and rightfully so.  It’s all acting.  And I mean that in the best possible way.”


     I’ve been performing for over 20 years when I began as a disc jockey and moved into acting and modeling.  I’ve done some great stuff… all right I’ve done some crap too, but hey, who hasn’t?  I was on two episodes of, “JUNKYARD MEGA WARS,” plus “REAL STORIES OF THE HIGHWAY PATROL,” and “UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.”
     In the late 90’s I started screenwriting.


     My Comedy screenwriting along with two full length comedy features has taken the shape of a sitcom set in the one arena no one has really been able to capture, until now.  They say, ‘write what you know, and I know the car business well.  I produced the pilot episode , “MOTOR CITY SALES.”  Shot entirely on location at a working used car dealership.  The 35-minute episode was a hit, screening at a local theater.   It was followed up by an 8-minute demo which you can see on YouTube.


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Click Here To Experience – Motor City Sales – “it’s only WD-40” (trt-8:16)

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