The moments we can not control…

Who am I… and why should you care?  Great questions.  Below is the answer to your, “who am I?” question.  Riveting information for sure.  But more importantly and I hope the reason you are visiting this site is to answer the second question:  “Why should you care?  Television, screenwriting and making movies is a collaborative effort and only by meeting people, doing your homework and reaching out will we ever find people to collaborate with… and then the sky’s the limit.
A little about me:
    As much as the car business had been my life for a long time my passion is as an actor.  A talent honed in the car business.  “We’re always acting.  We’re always ‘ON’ as they say at Disney.  Whenever we are with a customer we must put on a happy face.  And as salespeople, we talk to 60-year-old man, differently then we talk to a 21-year-old single woman, and rightfully so.  It’s all acting.  And I mean that in the best possible way.”


     I’ve been performing for over 30 years when I began as a disc jockey and moved into acting and modeling.  I’ve done some great stuff… all right I’ve done some crap too, but hey, who hasn’t?  I was on two episodes of, “JUNKYARD MEGA WARS,” plus “REAL STORIES OF THE HIGHWAY PATROL,” and “UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.”
     In the late 90’s I started screenwriting.


     My automotive background combined with my screenwriting has taken the shape of a sitcom set in the one arena no one has been able to capture, until now.  They say, ‘write what you know, and I know the car business well.  I produced the pilot episode , “MOTOR CITY SALES.”  Shot entirely on location at a working used car dealership.  The 35-minute episode was a hit, screening at a local theater.   It was followed up by an 8-minute demo which you can see on YouTube.


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